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    My short sojourn to the Woodlands Waterfront Park, Singapore
The narrow strait separating Singapore and Johor, Malaysia, has always evoked that sense of 'being near, yet so far' kind of feeling on either side of the land mass. Perhaps there is still that symbiotic connection, that still connects people from the 2 countries.
The following snapshots are photos of my short sojourn to the Woodlands Waterfront Park right located along the straits. Perhaps it is intentional that there is a park on this side of the straits, rather then the industrial/city-like behemoth that pervades the skyline across, but then again it is this very difference that makes the views from this side of the straits, that much more interesting.
Bicycle probably left behind prbably by one of the fishing enthusiast. There is a no fishing sign...but I guess the challenge and excitement comes from breaking these rules.
Path leading on to an alternate jetty, probably used commercially, and out of bounds to non-authorised personnel.
View through a trash bin, at the newer side of the jetty.
Definitely useful for those rare 'Man Overboard' occasions...but honestly, I wouldn't know how to operate this in those times of emergency!
Fishing rodds left to fend for itself. I guess there are plenty to go around, judging from the numbers.
The long jetty. A nice place to seek inspiration, whether divine or otherwise.
One of the features of the park. Almost reminded me of other structures in other parks.