Infografic project about Russia's various ethnic groups
Flowers of the Nation
At the moment, in Russia there are over 190 ethnic groups in Russia who speak 150 languages belonging to 13 language families. We decided to show our multinational country in the form of a flower field

Flowers map
Russia consists of 85 regions. Each flower is a region, one petal represents one ethnic group

Language group
We grouped 150 languages into 13 language groups and encoded each language group with its own color

The size of different ethnic groups as a percentage of Russia's total population varies considerably. According to the 2010 Census, almost 80% of Russia's residents identify as ethnic Russians, followed by Tatars and Ukraini-ans. The top 10 Russian ethnic groups comprise speakers of four language families: Indo‑European, Altaic, Uralic and North Caucasian

Number of ethnic groups in the regions
How it works

Pental variations
We used a simple flower shape because it forms large flowers well with lots of petals. But we tried to draw different options

For the project, we decided to embroider a traditional Russian towel with which it is customary to serve bread and salt - a symbol of hospitality. Nataliya embroidered a flower card of Russia

Thanks for watching

Data and writing: Maria Potashova
Programming: Svetlana Kostyukova, Vladimir Kononov
Embroider: Nataliya Platonova
Studio Head: Alexander Vershinin
Art Director: Anton Stepanov
Flowers of nation