Who's My Tribe
WHO’SMYTRIBE is an online media campaign, led by Africans, which aims to reduce stigmatisation and discrimination against sexual and gender diversity including lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. The campaign has been developed by Accountability International as a means to show that sexual and gender diverse people are no different to others and must have equal rights and access to education, health, housing, work and other rights.

I have been involved from the start and designed all branding for WMT and Destabilising Hetronormativity.

Due to the nature of the work, the website had very specific requirements for user safety in countries where LGBTQI rights are not available. From this project I learnt many of the finer details around security in developing web pages and user access in keeping LGBT users safe and updated in their internet use.

Work is ongoing and includes the following:
- The design of digital and print material for conferences and marketing
- Branding and naming conceptualisation and implementation
- Social media management during campaigns
- Social media content strategy and design
- Website design with user login and maintenance
- Strict security measures for all users safety

The project ran for four years and ended in 2019.
Website landing page
A selection of print work completed.
Social Media Posts
Who's My Tribe


Who's My Tribe

Who's My Tribe is a complete ground-up project that required direction and design to build a sensitive, effective campaign that is still running.