Food & Drink Week 2019 campaign

Paper Works
Food and Drink Week 2019

Creating the campaign for Food & Drink Week 2019 has been a careful and detailed process.
The sculptures were meticulously made, with quality rather than quantity being the focus of the campaign. 
The last five years has seen Liverpool’s food scene grown confidently with a subtle combination of innovative ideas and home grown aesthetic. We recreated the food and drink people could expect to see at the festival by matching the same attention to detail that Liverpool’s favourite establishments applies to their output everyday.

We have to push this concept of mindful eating by using a multi sensory approach. We have worked to embody appearance, sound, smell and texture in the campaign in order to curate a truly immersive and personal experience with Liverpool’s food scene. 

bon appetit!

Food and Drink Week 2019
Making off: 


Designed by Kalo (Studio Coact)
Art Director and Lead Designer: Malena Ramírez
Handcrafted and Paper Artists: Malena Ramírez and Helena Santanaca
Typeface: La Nord, by Raoul Gottschling

Food & Drink Week 2019 campaign