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Slay Colors

Slay Colors

​​​​​​​9Universe Health & Beauty Inc. is a cosmetics and skin care distribution group founded in 2016. In the pursuit of providing consumers with a wider range of high-quality makeup and skincare at an affordable price, Slay Colors was born.

Slay Colors was created to meet the needs of the everyday woman with their line of exemplary lipsticks. Their shades – named after powerful women in history like Cleopatra, Boudica, Marilyn Monroe, and more – boast of their compatibility with a wide range of skin tones, matching the complexion of every Filipina. Not only is the brand empowering and inclusive, but it inspires to be the swatch of color in a monotone world.

To complement their product, we decided to let the swatches of color speak for themselves. Against plain but bold backdrops, the creamy texture of the formula stands out, as well as the unique twisting feature of the base. The sans serif font of choice is plain yet playful, and leaves room for straightforward navigation around the site. As a whole, the design is simple, but bold and diverse— just like the women the product was made for.

​​​​​​​Art Direction
Web Design + Development

Slay Colors