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    Original artwork created for Depthcore [ Primal ‡ Chapter XLV ]

Original artwork created for Depthcore
[ Primal ‡ Chapter XLV ]

// Pré ‡ Roi ‡ Cor //
A series of three artworks seeking to embody the spirit 
of primal energy in abstract form.
// Pré //
The spirit of a hawk embodied in abstract form.
// Roi //

The spirit of a mountain lion embodied in abstract form.

// Cor //

The spirit of a horned sheep embodied in abstract form.

// Chasm //

Chasm explores hidden realms of consciousness and tiny abodes within the mind. Cracks and fissions form in what was once a living organism allowing for the origins of new life and organic growth.


// Quiescent //

Quiescent suggests that primal instincts are functioning mechanisms within the mind. By balancing these instincts, one can optimize their response to the external and achieve tranquility of spirit.
[ Process GIF // 1 Frame = 1 Hour ]