Pinkman's Lab
Hi everyone! These crazy scientists forgot to feed me again. It drives me mad! So I have to look for a food by myself. It is really complicated as I face with some difficulties on my way. Some awful bacterias hunt my cheese every time. It takes a lot of energy to overcome the difficulties and thus to survive, moving to the next level. I would be so happy to get a little help from you.
Thanks you, guys, in advance! See you around!
Sincerely, Pinkman
Prototype of the Game
Pinkman's Lab is a compilation of ideas from old school Disney cartoons and modern tv series. Nevertheless, in the prototype of my game I am trying to create an exciting gameplay and design nice features. 
Biochemistry level
Pause screen
Physics level
Final Score screen
Robotics Level
Loading screen
Help Mr. Pinkman to complete  different tasks and get a peace of cheese for him. Pick up  DNA moleculs as much as you can and explore new laboratories. As a bonus for your effort you will get extra levels with exciting gameplay.
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Dear friends thank you very much
for watching and playing!
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