Don't be a tourist,
be an explorer.
Everyone's talking about the place you should definitely visit when you're in a particular city. But often times it's the smaller and underrated ones that make up the true essence of a city. The ones that only the localites are familiar with. Their choice of place to chill, their choice of place to have the time of their life and you would be surprised to know that most of the time those aren't the most famous parts of the city. You, as a tourist visiting the city, would completely miss out on this opportunity of discovering something valuable just by exploring a bit. Why trip like everyone else? Why not have a different experience? This is for people who are looking for that 'extra thing' out of their trips. To visit places that are not listed in most of the peoples' itinerary.
It is also an initiative to help promote local places instead of promoting the most visited places a thousand more times. To give them a voice, a platform to express their uniqueness and form a sense of community of such places and to unite them to embrace themselves.
I wanted to convey the feeling of exploring to lesser known underrated places in a short and easy to remember name. I stumbled upon quite a few good ones before finally settling down on 'Zany Van'. Here are the few good ones that sadly didn't make the cut:

My Eccentric Escape | Tripstronaut | Can't Sit At Home

Van, a vehicle which is fairly large in size and turning it into your eccentric travel buddy who likes going to these underrated places and tagging you along with it seemed perfect but to move forward I had to lay down some characteristic qualities of this character so that we could easily recreate it's tone, language and behavior in any situation, for example, replying back to a fan who tweets to us would be in a tone that is unique to this brand. This is the general idea we run with:

Van Persona = 75% Quirky + 25% Sane
Adventurous | Edgy | Light Hearted
Yellow is a very energetic color and gives the user a feeling of positivity and also being dynamic at the same time. This is also why you would see a lot of fast food brands use this as their primary color to create a sense of restlessness. Cyan, Magenta and Ochre Yellow fall under the triad color scheme which work together to create a sense of balance and harmony to the overall design.
Since this brand is all about exploring and light attitude, I wanted to reflect this and I found something similar to this.. 'Graffiti' or Street Art! Bull's Eye! Represents Streets and exploring perfectly. That kind of art would definitely reflect the brand if the logo had to be done on those lines. Obviously the final version wasn't achieved in the first go and I had my book filled with endless sketches of different versions of it. Take a look:

Initial Sketches
Rejected Ones
Final Version

Although it had to be very casual and look like hand drawn I wanted to make sure it still looked toned-down and balanced version of the above shown over-the-top crazy street art. This was achieved through golden ratio and designing it as per the proportions of it. Worked out pretty well. Good Call. *pats himself on the back*​​​​​​​
The mascot is the most crucial aspect of this brand as most of interaction with the user will be happen through this character. So for the users to immerse into this zany world the character had to be super-edgy in it's look and feel. Again, human aspect had to be taken one step further and that was achieved by making it according to the proportions of the golden ratio.

References and Proportions
Final Version
This small button which has to the part where users engage the most because this had to represent van in a way that doesn't look like a van. So I designed the symbol in a way that would achieve multiple things at once: It looks like the top part of the van in a way that it also looked like the scroll button thereby making it your ultimate tour guide throughout your experience.
Keeping the human aspect consistent throughout the visual design identity, this too was designed according to the golden ratio.

Golden ratio was incorporated down to the smallest design elements that is the icons. It plays an important role in the design of a brand giving a complete consistent look.