​​​​​​​Tropicalé is a concept brand that embodies the free-flowing spirit of the modern-day Filipina. With minimalist and sleek pieces all made of linen sourced from Chiang Mai, Thailand, their essentials are the perfect match for the woman on-the-go. This is the spirit that sparked our inspiration for the brand.

For this contemporary women’s wear label, we went with a bold brand design to capture the essence of both Tropicalé and their ideal audience. To complement the chic and easygoing apparel, the logo is a woman with long, wavy hair, sitting comfortably in her own skin— just as any confident woman would feel in their clothing. The font option of Sanctuary Playground stays true to the classy yet playful feel of the brand, with Futura Std Medium and Geomanist as the accompanying fonts that convey a clear and cool mood.

The color palette sets the tone of the islands: green like Cutty Sark, Brady Punch like our sun-kissed skin, and the sandlike Tuft Bush. The woman Tropicalé is dressing finds herself one with all the elements, a natural go-getter. In color and in movement, Tropicalé is for the unapologetically feminine.

Visual Identity
Art Direction
Brand Application