-01 Preparation
Research – Inspiration – Conception
Research for this project was all encompassing and involved the exploration of art styles, typography, imagery and app design. Research also involved exploring existing travel applications and examining ideas that could inspire the subject or design of the application.
During this research phase illustrations by artist Rob Smyth based on castles from Game of Thrones along with other vector artists Such a Tom Whalen began to inspire ideas and concepts for the application.

These illustrations were often bold and eye-catching and the lower detail appeared to fit with the smaller canvas size of a mobile screen.
Alongside this research phase concepts and ideas for the application were also being looked at and developed, this involved brainstorming type of illustrations that could be used as well as the function and service the application could provide.

This involved lots of brain storming and mind maps.

It was during this phase that the idea of Castle Companion was conceived, the flow and required screens for the application as well as functionality were considered here.

-02 Production
Sketching – Design – Prototype
Sketching began with a high level look at the application. This involved establishing how the app would work and what information and illustrations would be needed.

During this stage a number of designs were looked at including the use of a map as navigation as well as menus.

When a final design was decided a number, layouts were sketched for each of the required screens.

Sketches were then translated into first low detail digital wireframes and mock-ups that enable the exploration of transitions and animations the application could use.

Illustrations that the application required were also completed during this time.

The wireframes and illustrations were then compiled into a final application mock-up that gave a static look at the application and screens it features.

Finally, the mock-up was used to create a interactive prototype that could be used to test functionality as well as providing a look at how the application will run with animations and transitions between screens.
-03 Presentation
Illustrations – Design – Demo
A number of castles were illustrated for the application showcase, these were Hohenzollern Castle, Neuschwanstein Castle and Pena Palace.
Castle Companion

Castle Companion

Castle Companion is a travel guide for history fans featuring illustrations of castles from around the world. Case study describes the process o Read More