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    Illustrations created for a variety of projects
Illustrations created for a wide variety of clients and projects over the last 13 years. I'm always keen to roll up my sleeves and start drawing...
Cybernetic race driver, part of contest inspiration pitch for tyre manufacturer, July 2013. SketchBook Pro for iPad.
"Inspiration sketch" pitch for tyre manufacturer contest, showing Cybernetic driver and advanced race car. Photoshop with Illustrator 3D elements, July 2013.
Panel created as part of my pages for "The Six Fingers Of Fate presents Fatal Consequences" group exhibition. London, October 2013. Photoshop.
T-shirt for "I Can Cook" at Butlins. Designed to sit with the trend for "holiday surf van" tee shirt designs for young children. Photoshop. 2012.
Cover image option created for Endemol Music's "Urban Reality" library music compilation. The brief was left open for me to interpret, aside from a proviso that no guns or "gangstas" should appear on the image. The music provided reminded me of early 90's hip hop so I designed the cover in a fun, colourful way with a little psychadaelia thrown in. Photoshop, Illustrator and still photography. 2012.
Frames from "Dougie's War" the graphic novel I co-created. Pencil and ink on paper.
More frames from "Dougie's War". Pencil and ink on paper.
Character study, "Dougie's War". Pencil and ink. Creating this image helped me to get to grips with the character of Dougie. It also helped the writer, Rodge Glass, to add a new dimension to the dialogue.
Internal promotion from BBC Worldwide, as part of a company-wide initiative to reduce wastage. Pencil sketch tweaked in Photoshop.
Poster for a Hallowe'en Charity sale at BBC Worldwide. I decided to go for a full-on pop culture explosion. Found imagery altered in Photoshop with hand drawn additions.
"Grow" tee shirt design. Created in Illustrator.
The Elvis Suicide. Cover for album "Sweethearts". Pencil original scanned and cropped in Photoshop.
T-shirt art designed for The Elvis Suicide, related to their song "Death To Nazi Rock And Roll". Created in Illustrator.
Bookplate illustration for "Hope for Newborns" by Rodge Glass. This was designed to look like an American Conservative pro-life website, so I based the look on common "Imperial" looking elements, such as the temple roof. Created in Illustrator.
Character design for short puppet film "A Trip to The Zoo". Pencils.