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INL Hidden Risk and Safety - Brand design
INL Hidden Risk and Safety
The company is searching for hidden information threats and protecting information and computers.

There are many possible directions of information leakage and ways of unauthorized access to it in systems and networks:
Interception of information;
- modification of the information (the original message or document is changed or replaced by another and is sent to the addressee);
- substitution of authorship of information (someone can send a letter or document on your behalf);
- the use of shortcomings of operating systems and application software;
- copying media and files with overcoming protection measures;
- illegal connection to equipment and communication lines;
- masking under the registered user and assigning his authority;
- the introduction of new users;
the introduction of computer viruses and so on.

To ensure the security of information systems, information security systems are used that constitute a complex of organizational and technological measures, software and hardware and legal norms aimed at countering sources of information security threats.

The company is concerned that their brand is unrecognizable.

The company asked to determine the color. For many years they could not determine which color suits them best. We decided to conduct a social survey "What color do you associate with security?"

The second task: the company wanted to focus on the word "hidden risk". It was decided to hide the letter N in the logo so that it fully reflects what the company does.
INL provides services of service and technical support of solutions implemented by the Company.
Technical support includes the provision of consulting and technology services to support the existing functionality of software and hardware systems and customer systems.

After-sales service includes consulting over the phone of technical specialists, departure of specialists, diagnostics and repair of equipment malfunctions at the customer’s premises, and in case of impossibility of troubleshooting on the spot, delivery of equipment to the central heating station for further repairs.

The main task of the TSC is to ensure non-stop operation of all software and hardware systems, IT services and customer systems.
High-quality support services are a guarantee of stable operation and successful development of the IT infrastructure of Customers.
Almost all information about the modern enterprise and its activities is digitized, transferred to the IT sphere. Due to vulnerabilities that are inevitably present in all products and information technology systems, information processed, stored and transmitted electronically needs to be protected.

The tasks that we have to solve are not born in the heads of analysts - they arise in the practice of work of specific customers.
We propose to the Customer not only to take advantage of our experience, but to work together on increasing the total intellectual capital: analyze the range of opportunities opening up, find the best solution to the problem, correlate current projects with the business development strategy.
Decisions made today are the key to success tomorrow.
The norm of our behavior during the execution of the project is maximum attention to the Customer and maximum understanding of his problems. Our many years of experience in the implementation of projects allows us to offer the customer a leading strategy that takes into account both the prospects for the development of his business and the development trends of the information technologies themselves.
We want Customers, once contacting us, come back to us again and again, setting new, more and more complex tasks for us.
Thank you!
INL Hidden Risk and Safety - Brand design

INL Hidden Risk and Safety - Brand design

INL hiddern risk and safety - Brand design company identity


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