A colloboration with Megan Liddle. 
The theme of the book is dedications in books. The box that the photographs are presented in is fashioned to look like an old book like the actual photos. Inside is 20 seperate pages. Within each of these pages there is 3 seperate images that show a book and the writtedn dedication.
Megan Liddle:
"I come from an artistic family background, which has given me an eye for taking in the smaller details that others may take for granted.
I also take a great interest in any object that holds a particular memory of the past, and last summer spent a great deal of time clearing out my late and greatly loved grandmother's house. The experience was emotional and held a lot of memories from the past that I was never part of, yet when finding old eltters, books and photographs they left a lasting memoir of my grandmother's life. From this, I realised the importance of the small details in life and this is where my idea for this project blossomed. This project has been waiting to happen.
To me, the beauty of a great book is when it alters a part of your life and leaves a lasting memory, but it is even more interesting when a book is marked by a personal note and date. I wanted to take the time to find books with notes on the inside, in the handwriting of a person I will never know.
What is the story behind each note? Will we ever know?
The selling and giving of preowned books is also incredibily interesting as each new owner will create their own meaning from the note inside. By photographing the notes inside of books I like to think that I am creating a stronger memoir to the people who wrote them.
Each owner of a book, past and present, is simply looking after it for those in future years."
Photography by Megan Liddle
Design by Rach Garry