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a Discovery Journal for Creatives Who Love Nature!

BEJournal embraces vanguards of story-culture with the aim of developing innovating media and supporting creative collaborations which foster new ways of looking at nature.

Our stories encourage people to explore and expand their connection to the natural world by harnessing curiosity and insight through immersive mediums.

We want to inspire people to BE part of the discovery process by empowering them to support creative collaborations aimed at innovating how we think about and engage with nature.

Our readers have the power to fund creative projects directly influencing story-culture and communication in support of conservation, science, and innovation. 

A vital part of the story process, readers help shape our narrative towards impact-value media by providing opportunities for diverse creative projects. As 'story sponsors' they can vote on pitches to produce content and develop unique projects which give a voice to the issues they care about.

"A shift in how we think about, and engage with nature is an important next step for the future."

BECreative Collaboration Initaive

Creatives and Communities seeking new ways to elevate vital issues and empower effective conservation, can apply for sponsorship using the form below to submit a synopsis for a story or media project. 

Pitch your story to the editor @BEJournal 

“Our goal is to create a narrative shaped by and for everyone, innovating the impact of media on our world.”

Let’s Connect and Collaborate…

Founding Editor, Inga Yandell
BEJournal Media Kit

BEJournal Media Kit

BEJournal embraces vanguards of story-culture with the aim of developing innovate media and supporting creative collaborations which foster new w Read More