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來自波寶島的 - 私釀咖啡工作室|空間插畫

P R O J E C T  -

M O O N S H I N E    C O F F E E    A T E L I E R

來 自 波 寶 島 的​​​​
私 釀 咖 啡 工 作 室

- - -

聯名合作   \   咖啡   \   工作室   \   插畫   \   設計
Collaboration   \   Coffee   \    Atelier   \   Illustration   \   Design

 コラボ   \   コーヒー  \   イラスト     デザイン   \   アテリア

-   私 釀 咖 啡 工 作 室   -
M o o n s h i n e   C o f f e e   A t e l i e r



 帶你體驗   澳洲咖啡廳的簡單自由;
 讓你品嚐   澳式咖啡的獨特與美好。

Within a tranquil lane, Da'an District, the most cultural and artistic area in Taipei City, there is an Australian style coffee roastery transformed from an old warehouse called Moonshine Coffee Atelier. Approaching the all black shop facade, you will be appealed to the long wooden bench with two stairs in front of the shop, and then you will be shocked after you open the front door with a portafilter handle.

Moonshine Coffee Atelier is different from other coffee shops in Taiwan. Sophisticated, minimal and free industrial style space instead of lots of tables and decorations.You could know what exactly Aussie style coffee is when you firstly try the coffee here, and also have full imagination and implement your coffee ideology through the coffee environment and coffee style in Moonshine, just like the real “Moonshine” spirits.

Moonshine will bring you travel around Australia through their unique Aussie coffee taste, especially espresso, as well as the free and simple spirit circulated inside Australian blood.

-   動 機   -
M o t i v a t i o n


這次很慶幸我們有機會能與私釀咖啡合作,長達三個月的溝通過程,我們在看似沒有交集的兩個品牌中,慢慢摸索出共同的經營理念 - 勇於追求獨一無二。以波寶島獨特的角色和筆觸,一筆一畫詮釋出同樣風格獨特的私釀咖啡工作室,為喜歡我們的朋友,增添更多新奇有趣的感受。

POPOLAND has released more than two hundred illustrations over nine months, we have created variety of characters and multifaceted themes through four types of POPO: TOPO, KUPO, RAPO and FUPO which are including life, work, mood, outfits, festival, interior and imagination.

This time, we are so glad to have the opportunity to cooperate with Moonshine Coffee Atelier. Through a three-month communication process, we have slowly found a common business philosophy between these two brands which seem have no intersection - Being brave to pursue our uniqueness. Drawing an illustration of unique Moonshine Coffee Atelier with unique characters and brushstrokes of POPOLAND, we are willing to bring more novel and interesting things to people who support us.

-   作 法   -
M e t h o d o l o g y


包含空間、人物、設備、菜單等四大類的詳細店面介紹  )

Create an unique cutaway illustration poster of Moonshine Coffee Atelier
(  Including the detailed description of atelier, space, equipment and menu  )



Design commemorative products of Moonshine's cutaway illustration

-   過 程   -
W o r k   I n   P r o g r e s s

  0 1 .
構 圖
C o m p o s i t i o n

Before drawing, we have to visit Moonshine for several times. We will carefully observe and record the structure, the interior decoration, the shape of various equipment, and then sketch out the whole structure of Moonshine.

  0 2 .
第 一 階 段 草 稿
P h a s e   1   S k e t c h e s


After completing the composition, we are going to add the characters. We need to pay attention to the size, position, distance, and proportion of the characters, objects and space. And then sketch more details of the shape of all the content.

  0 3 .
第 二 階 段 草 稿
P h a s e   2   S k e t c h e s

After roughly drawing out the structure, characters and objects of Moonshine, the next step is to draw each object clearly, to grab the shape and features quickly with the clear sketch, and then to distinguish the parts that need to be colored. At the same stage, we modify the content that need to be adjusted.

  0 4 .
線 稿
O u t l i n e s

Basically all the content have a specific appearance after the sketch is completed. Next, we need to capture more details as possible, including the texture of goods, the shape and expression of the characters, the packaging of the bottles, the external parts of the roaster, the sundries on the shelf, the leafy lines of the potted plant, the website on the notebook screen on the desk, etc. All of these details are important elements that we can't ignore during drawing outlines.

  0 5 .
上 色
C o l o r i n g

Finally, we just fill in the color area and this unique cutaway illustration of Moonshine is done!

  0 6 .
完 稿
F i n i s h e d

  Detail 1 , 2   -   木式階椅   Bench     /     吧台   Bar Area
 Detail  3 , 4   -   零售展示架   Retail Shelf     /     烘豆機   Loring Roaster
Detail  5 , 6   -   後方工作區   Backbar     /     置物架   Wall Shelf
Detail  7 , 8   -   儲藏室 & 廁所   Storeroom & Toilet     /     冷凍庫   Cool Room
Detail  9 , 10   -   直立式黑板   Standing Chalkboard     /     燈箱   Light Box

 0 7.
海 報 設 計
P o s t e r   D e s i g n

標 誌
S i g n a g e

文 字 排 版
T y p e s e t t i n g​​​​​​​

海 報
P o s t e r

 0 8.
商 品 設 計
P r o d u c t   D e s i g n

杯 墊
C o a s t e r

明 信 片
P o s t c a r d

插畫 Illustration  \  POPOLAND 波寶島 - Soch Tsai



來自波寶島的 - 私釀咖啡工作室|空間插畫

來自波寶島的 - 私釀咖啡工作室|空間插畫

Moonshine Coffee Atelier X Popoland - 來自波寶島的私釀咖啡工作室|長達三個月的聯名插畫合作,由 POPOLAND 為 MOONSHINE 專屬繪製的大幅插畫海報,在私釀咖啡工作室店內和大家見面囉。