“Portfolio is Dead” was the main theme of 2019 Element Talks conference that was run together with European Design Festival taking place in Warsaw.

What we did:

     • Festival identity
     • 3D & animations
     • Promo video
     • Designs for social media
     • Collateral

Great designers aren’t all about nice pictures in their portfolios anymore. We strongly believe that we have to be more interdisciplinary than ever. Our skills and people we work with, properly combined can move mountains. In order to do that, we need to work like this one creative incredible machine.
Just before the festival we’ve decided to design and print 20 posters with no logos, restrictions and all rules that have to be followed when working on an event like European Design Festival.

Printed at Pangolin (these guys are awesome!).
Thank you for watching!


Art direction:
Michał Mierzwa & Maciej Mach

Michał Mierzwa & Maryan Ivasyk

3D & animation:
Michał Mierzwa

Sound design:
Piotr Bejnar

Live video footage:
Grzegorz Hospod

Case study showreel music:
Kalipo - And The Stone of Heart

Patrycja Mic, Wiktor Malinowski, Maryan Ivasyk

Special thanks to:
Paula & Olga (Element Talks)

More at:

European Design Festival 2019

European Design Festival 2019

FORGET ABOUT EVERYTHING THEY TOUGHT YOU! PORTFOLIO IS DEAD! “Portfolio is Dead” was the main theme of 2019 Element Talks conference that was ru Read More