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    Part of a project I did, capturing character.
This is Jack. He likes clay, probably more than anyone or anything else in the world (excluding his mum, of course). And he should do, too, as his work is amazing. He likes to think he’s a fighter pilot from the 1940s. Once upon a time, he gaffa-taped a pair of boots back together and he still wears them. And he doesn’t like his nose that much.

This is my good friend James. Fondly known as Jim. He’s one of those guys that seems to know everyone and has more girls’ numbers than anyone I know. At a garden party once, he miraculously managed to lose his shoes so he left wearing socks. 
I’ve known him for almost seven years, but really this photo just sums him up. He also works the stubble-beard well. A great achievement, no doubt. 
Louise didn't want to smile for this photograph, and I'll never know why. She has the most beautiful smile. And the most piercing eyes. She also has two versions of that handbag, which she bought because she couldn't bear the thought of losing one if it broke. Smart thinking, no?
The lovely gentleman I call Dad. Not only is he the best father a girl could ask for, but he's also the best handy man you'll ever meet. He's a mechanic, plumber, electrician, decorater, gardner and builder rolled into one. And he's pretty short... I guess that's where I get it from.