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    Under the topic’s motto “unite all Originals” the different adidas Originals styles are united in one spatial unit.
Mix of style cultures
adidas Originals | D'art Design Gruppe | Bread + Butter winter 2013 | Berlin, Germany 2013
adidas Originals presents itself at the Bread & Butter Winter 2013 under the campaign’s motto “unite all Originals“: On approximately 400 square metres, the brand label adidas Originals is provided with a fair appearance consisting of a mix of originals and architecture.
Under the topic’s motto “unite all Originals” different adidas Originals styles are united in one spatial unit. The architecture’s major shape resembles the cityscape of a modern skyline. There are different product areas in its interior, which are easily visible and positioned around an openly structured centre. The product areas are graphically arranged with large-size, backlit graphics, which offer an appealing stage for the adidas Original labels with scenic town-like motifs. Material accessories like incorporated spruce planks in a rough style or sitting cubes covered with original adidas jeans fabrics provide architectonic accents.
In the area Blue, there are design classics like the original chairs from the 60s by Charles Eames, which turn the area into a real scene boutique.  The “unite all Originals” campaign visualizes itself in an elaborate art installation in loud and trendy colours by two Berlin artists (Daddison and The Bakery), who combine their different disciplines in a work of art that they finalize together on site:  The installation combines Daddisons highly stylized graphics and freely designed colour creations with the artistic use of new materials like an electroluminescent foil, for which The Bakery is known for. Thus, the result is an authentic adidas Originals place.
Lukas Palik