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Fix Cup Coffee
How we created the brand identity for eternaty

FIX CUP COFFEE is not the first project for this client, we already made for them a corporate identity for two tasty places : coffee house and cafe with flakes. Now it is the turn of the third project — coffee shops where you can buy aromatic freshly brewed 
coffee at a fixed price. Well, we are ready to surprise everyone with a new approach!

Why do they need the design?
The new coffee shop is a good thing, but there are so many competitors around. In this area, the winner is the one who looks beautiful and attractive. Our client knows that, so he wants to create a design to stand out, and still easy to brand everything: kiosk, cups, flyers, signboard, advertising and more. 

Logomachine Task
Was to develop a corporate identity that will make a passer-by say, "Wow! How cool! I'll come in for coffee."

Get ready, the patterns are about to break....

We are all used to the fact that the coffee shop identity will be brown, with grain and rounded fonts. You can find a lot of coffee shops and cafe bars designed like that in the neighborhood. That's why we created a completely opposite style. It turned out not as just an identity, but a as the whole culture with its philosophy.

Project idea
In our design, we fixed the time in motion: stop, catch your breath, drink some coffee, take a look around. The idea of time fixing  we reflected through the blur, strange loops, repetition — all of this takes place through a signature style, forming a visual image that is not similar to anything around.

The sign is traces of a Cup of coffee, which are stretched over time. 
Everyone understands it in his own way, but everyone understands correctly.

Visual images of identity are ideal for interior — you can make posters in the coffee shop:

In the font part, the time also stopped: fonts express the past, the present and the future. 

In addition, such typography can be used separately from the sign and other images. If you write yellow letters on black or Vice versa, it turns out the real art:

Barista will be the coolest one, and you can also make a stylish merch, which guests would really want to buy:

Corporate identity for the FIX CUP COFFEE — is unusual, non-standard and quite different. It stands out from the competition and highlights the coffeeshop, attracts attention, makes you want to take a photo, to keep a beautiful mug. 

Now is impossible to imagine what it could be different.
Want a design just as cool? 
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Fix Cup Coffee

Fix Cup Coffee

FIX CUP COFFEE is not the first project for this client, we already made for them corporate identity for two tasty places : coffee house and cafe Read More


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