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    A social online campaign of Republic X
Republic X proudly presents its very first online social event (campaign) focused on young society’s problems and habits ‘Share Art, Not HIV’. These days, young people are suffering from the expanding pop culture and its rules. We now more than ever can see how teenagers want to grow up faster, participate in the parties, drink alcohol, smoke weed or do other drugs. It is ok to live wild and young life. Hence, we think it is important for young people to discover fun days and moments in early years.
However, sex rules now are applied for young girls, condoms seem to be something shameful for school boys. A lot of teenagers spend their days in front of computer, scrolling the Facebook or Twitter, sharing different pictures with a one clear message ‘YOLO’ or ‘SWAG’. 
Therefore, Republic X wants to impel young society to look around, see brighter future and add a bigger value to each of our individual life. Let’s create something! Let’s do something what will be important for us in more than five years from now. Take a camera and capture best shots in the same party where you used to get drunk and wake up in the morning in the stranger’s bed. Paint some portraits or landscape, make some collages. Go outside and do some crazy flash mob. That is really way more fun.
Why? Well… because after some time it will be so good to say to others what have you already done in your life. You will be proud of yourself.
According to actoronto.org in 2011 there were 34 million people living with HIV. 1,2 million people living with HIV in United States and 2,3 million in European Region. Several factors also show that in United States number of people having HIV is rising among teenagers. Most of them get this infection by having unsafe sex.
Republic X thought it is time for this community to get involved and join other organizations in the war with HIV. We say ‘Share Art, Not HIV’. We say create, don’t destroy. In several days photographer Emilija Vinzanovaite was having a photo session with models in Vilnius. Thanks for them we have this campaign with great photographs!