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    Digital Surface Art
Digital Surface Art - 2010

I disassemble, layer, and partial-multiply algorithmic patterns. Thereby emerges a complex structural, which I superpose with artificial or natural textures and turn this into a sophisticated surface by means of distortion and exposure to light. The entire process is driven by inner voice, which leads me through. I call it Digital Surface Art. Digital Surface Art is an advancement of algorithmic art and made entirely with software. It is not art of chance, but art of choice. Digital Surface Art is abstract and non-representational. That said it is self-governed and does not reproduce definite and apparitional reality. Digital Surface Art opens space for imagination of the beforehand unimagined. As a medium I use aludibond (lamdaprint), which gives Digital Surface Art a stunning physical appearance. Each print has my personal signature and remains an unicum.
In the Eye of the Fly - 2010
Escape - 2010
Creamspan - 2010
Blue Space - 2010
Syndicate - 2010
Slighted Hope - 2010