Hard Hats" is an animated series targeted towards kids aged between 7 to 12-year-old. The main characters are Maher, a goofy engineer and his assistant Nuha, who’s much smarter than her boss. Together they recall the important discoveries from the history of engineering and figure out how to use those solutions at work. 


Episode 04 | Civil Engineering

The international race-against-the-clock effort by civil engineers and archeologists, to relocate the ancient Egyptian temples of Abu Simbel from the rising waters in the 1960s. If anyone is interested in finding out how to build skyscrapers or whether it is possible to move the entire temple from one place to another, the Hard Hats series is a good source to learn more, and it’s certainly more fun than searching through Wikipedia!

Two cheerful engineers

We created two characters, the Maher & Nuha who compete with each other, have a different approach to their work, but despite their rivalry they can count on the help of each other. Thanks to their discussions and funny adventures, we help the young viewer to understand issues connected with technology and engineering.

main characters | early concepts

main characters | final designs


We set out to design unique backgrounds and assets, often inspired by real locations. Therefore, our illustrators devoted a large chunk of their energy towards research to accurately reproduce physical objects and places.

The style of animation is largely inspired by such classics as Hanna Barbera and Loony Tunes we love so much.
Dimmed colors and limited palette add a slightly vintage look. We took necessary steps for each episode to retain its character uniquely connected to its subject.

educational content served in an affordable way

This series is educational in its nature, and accordingly, our main focus was to deliver data and information relating to scientific issues in the most accessible way possible. One way in which we aided the delivery of the content to the younger audience was a creation of animated infographics for each of the episodes. 

While we created them, we played with form and style, but we also made sure that they fit the unique character of each episode. It was an excellent opportunity to mix different styles and see how beautiful they interact with each other. 

Warm thanks to the entire team of illustrators and animators 
who devoted their time and energy to the project.

Concept Art: Marta Szudyga, Piotr Różycki
Illustration: Marta Szudyga, Piotr Różycki, Alicja Gapińska, Ewa Skowron, Ewa Ciałowicz, Katarzyna Klas

Błażej Pieczonka, Robert Kalfas, Dominik Iwan, Krzysztof Świderski, 
Michał Domański, Paweł Granatowski, Grzegorz Gut, Marcin Rutkowski

T H A N K S   F O R   W A T C H I N G !
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Hard Hats - animated series