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    Swinging Gorilla
I'm the founder, lead designer, and developer of Swinging Gorilla Interactive Media.
We're still busy putting together some cool apps right now, but in the meantime we've begun rolling out our brand to the online world! We'll be developing apps, games, and websites for release to the public. 
We've put up a placeholder website that will act as our "home base" and we're excited to see it evolve in the near future.
I created the brand and accompanying site to reflect the nature of the projects we're going to be releasing.
The site is extremely modern, and completely responsive to any device or screen.
The gorilla labs area will feature offical products as well as experiments we're working on. 
Stay tuned.. Banana-crazed gorilla scientists are busy building our first app..
You really have to see the site for yourself to see the extrodinary amount of detail we've put in to it already. Visit: www.swinginggorilla.com and don't forget to friend us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter!