Tim Freke—ballpoint pen and isopropanol, gel pen, white pencil
Oliver Hardy—cyanotype (head and shoulders shape), pencil, pen and ink (the face)
Alan Partridge—cyanotype (head and shoulders shape), pencil, pen and ink (the face)
English student—pen, pencil, coloured pencil
Man in pub—gel pen and pencil
Jaron Lanier—linocut
Ron Swanson—pencil, pen, crayon, ink
Kenneth Williams as Caesar—drypoint on perspex
Noud—pen and pencil
Anas from Syria—pen and pencil
Man on Nieuwendammerdijk—pen, ink, pencil, gel pen
No good news (rough version)—bamboo dip pen, ink, pencil, pen
Irena in Vondelpark—bamboo dip pen and pencil
Chris Stringer—gel pen, ballpoint pen and isopropanol
Man from Iraq taking Dutch exam—ball point pen 
Mrs Slocombe—cyanotype (head and shoulders shape), pencil, pen and ink (the face)
Quando quando quando—pencil and graphite stick
English student—pencil and coloured pencil
Ken Wilber—ballpoint pen and isopropanol, gel pen, white pencil
Gordon Heuckeroth—Kyle brushes
English student—pencil, pen, charcoal
Dudley—pencil, coloured pencil, pen
My son—pencil, coloured pencil, brush pen
Samuel from Eritrea learning Dutch—ballpoint pen, pencil, coloured pencil
Lunch at Stania State today—pencil, coloured pencil, gel pen, 
Nudies—ballpoint pen and isopropanol
Joop in Leeuwarden—ballpoint pen and isopropanol, gel pen and pencil
Martin in Eindhoven—chalk, ink, crayon, pen
Barked once—pencil, coloured pencil, charcoal, gel pen
Barked twice—pencil, coloured pencil, charcoal, gel pen
Nudie—ballpoint pen and isopropanol
Bob Ross—Kyle brushes
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