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DSDV 3 electric upright bass
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    An experimental electric upright bass designed and built from scratch in a lo-fi garage workshop. An outcome of a four-year long adventure.
DSDV·III·BASS — electric upright bass 

The DSDV 3 bass is shaped to suit a double bass player by maintaining the feel and playability of an acoustic instrument in a form that isn’t reduced to just the minimum interface. A sense of volume is given to it by the Möbius strip-like wing that delimits a virtual sound box. This feature isn’t required by an electric instrument to produce sound but the wing allows the player to rest the instrument on his or her body in an accustomed playing position. It gives the bass the right feel.
Although the bold silhouette of an acoustic double bass bears an expressiveness that can’t be achieved by a more compact electric instrument, with the DSDV 3 bass I wanted to experiment if an electric upright bass could become a distinctive, contemporary visual sign that speaks for itself, without loosing the familiar feel or its role of a tool for making music.

DSDV 3 bass has been designed and handcrafted by Piotr Sell in collaboration with a double bass player Simon Fokt, who defined the instrument’s essential functional features. The DSDV 3 bass is now owned by Simon.

The entire process - from the initial research, early mock-up design and prototyping to reach the final design and complete the construction - had spanned over almost four years. Although the design had been greatly supported with 3D modelling, there was no CNC machinery involved in this build except for the laser cut label. Every single part of this bass has been handcrafted and all of this has been achieved with rather simple construction techniques in a garage workshop equipped only with very basic tools. Despite its hi-tech appearance this bass is a truly lo-fi DIY project, which proves that a good control over one's skills, paired with careful design and planning, can lead to excellent results.