This is a 12 page magazine created on the topic of travel. All photography in this project is taken by me with a Nikon D3100. My family went on a trip last year and that's where most of the photos came from! The rest were taken in a photo studio.
This is the first half of the main four page feature spread on the topic of St. Thomas. I wanted to focus on a clean simplistic look so that the main photo could really stand out and catch your eye. 
Second half of the main feature.
These are the second and third features. My main objective of these pages was to make sure they looked like seperate articles while still keeping them similar enough to show that they are from the same magazine and of simlilar topics.
Editor's note page where I explain how I have been to the moon (not really) and an advrtisment for the new Iron Man Suit (also not real) which was created in Illustrator.
This is the final advertisment of the magazine and would be the back cover. The cruise ship on the right is the one that my family and I traveled on for our trip.