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    Celebrating 125 Years Yamaha - A digitally integrated campaign
The Creative Idea
Imagine a world without music. A world devoid of emotions and feelings expressed in the magic of a played tune. This year we bring it to you, more beats, more emotions and more play. Yamaha presents, 125 years, celebrating in the world of music and instruments.
Remember the last time when you first composed a piece of music, or when you first played a songpiece on your first flute when you were a child? People value the things they create more - where you see yourself directly involved in the story of a lifetime, and thats just how we intend to celebrate 125 years, with Yamaha’s music as attuned to you!
The idea of this campaign is to gather the talents of street buskers all over the world, acting as monthly talents to be uncovered as monthly webisodes on the Yamaha 125 campaign microsite. Fused with an app and in-built gameplay within the microsite, the audiences of this campaign are encouraged to create, compete, collaborate and share music, producing countless outcomes as they walk through the full stretch of Yamaha’s unique brand story.