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The Escaped Dreams
The Fantasy and the Reality

Between the Fantasy and The Reality, and who decides on that anyway. Giving the imaginary a chance to tell us the truth or show us the false.
Breaking the Conscious

And what happens when you find it? You tear open the subconscious connecting it to a reality trying to make sense of every aspect of the imagination that you have never believed to see before.
The Sunflower Field

Where I run through a field of Sunflowers only to see a light of happiness that truly puts me to joy, waking me up with a smile and brighten the entire day of my time. Giving me the strength to start my day with only and only good vibes. 
The Dreams Knot

And I choose a dream that I remember, but the story narrates to two or more, where once I flew and once I fall. Once I cry and once I drown. I jump from one to two but remember only a few.
The Universe Within 

With so much darkness inside that when I try to find you, I am paralysed and when I meet you, I am half dead.
Whirl of the Subconscious

Such a lost world and we still pick up the things we like. Why I ask, and you take me to a dream, a reality for you, but a story for me. I pick and I fall, I jump and I fall, I dance and I fall and each time I fall, I go in circles and circles and circles and then, I wake up.
What's the Dream and What's You

In an Escaped world of reality, where you find your enchanting sleep, comes the world of dreams, the enlightenment of your subconscious, where the world of the unbelief ventures out on an adventure only to find a realm that was yet to be found.
Living In Between You

It is so vast that I live another life all together and come back and each time I live, I live differently. Each time I dream, my dreams teach me about reality. And each time they teach me about reality, I dream better and better.
The World of Dreams.

With so many dreams to choose from, with so many stories to narrate and with so many journeys to take only so that your dead body reaches on to your alive soul.
My Subconscious World

And what do you see from a child's dream. Still a subconscious world but filled with candies and jump and swim and pink and blue and flight and bears but especially and you.
What Evolves is You?

Because you don't know where you will find the answers, but you also don't know what were the questions. So you keep your adventure on in search of your questions because each time you get your answer, your dream takes you another one and each time you find yourself lost, that's when you are really dreaming.
My Story, My Dreams!

And each realm is a different one, when you come out with one is a different you, when go inside the other, it's a different you and each time you travel, you meet your soul that shows you its stories flying from your subconscious mind.
The Subconscious Mind

Where we connect with fantasy, where we connect with our soul, where we raise ourselves to be told. What's right and what's wrong when you see what's really inside your mind, who owns the power to tell you that?
These paintings evolve from an installation- a Black hole of your sleep when your dream is still with you but when you get to the reality, it is lost in your subconscious! Probably forever or for the time being. 
You know those moments where you feel like escaping a space and going to a different world? During such moments, I would go to sleep. Just to get paralysed for few hours and enter into a dream world where everything is absurd and unreal. Just for an instance be a part of something that is not reality. This project let me be a part of that world not just while I was dreaming but even after that. My work made me bring my unreality to the real and take all the intense emotions that were submerged in me to a different space. A space where I found many others too.
I created a dream reality, which constantly will keep reminding me of the stories and teach me how to carry those emotions further in my life. Human beings have a tendency to submerge emotions because of many reasons. This project gave me a reason to let them out and feel lighter and better about myself. May be it is best said by someone unknown, art is like a therapy because this project sure did help me deal with a lot of my insecurities.
The Escaped Dreams

The Escaped Dreams