Pabellón Archivo - México, D.F.
The pavilion for exhibitions, conferences, workshops and special events suppose the creation of a flexible space that can be used in the most diverse ways according to each moment, in 89 m² built-up area.
The pavilion has a triangular shape because triangular is the final  part of the plot in which is located... The place imposes with force its geometry. 
The construction of the pavilion supposes to establish some lines of force that they allow to roof, in an almost aleatory way, some spaces, leaving other outdoors, with the intention of breaking the limits of the strictly built, dissolving the pavilion in to the garden. 
The pavilion is geometry but it is also matter and that´s why it tries this way to explore the constructive characteristics of the materials whose houses sponsor the competition. The bar of MASISA MDF and the wall that closes the enclosure, constructed of Softwave 25 of Hunter Douglas give faith of it. 
The glazing facade of the pavilion, by day, reflects the garden making it seem double big, while at night it´s transforms into a lighthouse, full of light. 
As the bases of the competition determine, the pavilion should can to be disassembled, not being anything of him in the place in which has been built. Not it should leave rake. Only the memory of whom they have seen it, the people they have enjoyed it. Just like it will happens to us.
current view
ground floor