The Ambient Ascent

The Set
Ambient Ascent is a musical interaction set. It includes two main objects: the sound station for the smart-phone and several cups.

The user can decide on the appearance of the cup according to personal preferences. As a result, each set is a unique creation. The station works as a sound intensifier for the smart-phone. The smart-phone contains the special code which detects whether the cup is present. After the cup was detected a unique musical piece starts to play.

The set helps to spend time well focused and free of your smart-phone distractions. 
Whether alone or with our close ones.

The UX-Research
During the research phase we found out, that many people suffer from social pressure and emotional distance. Some of participants told us about the daily rituals they developed against these issues. The main point was the emotional connection between the closed ones or the objects they own. This factor defined the touch-points for the interaction experience. 

The User Path
Ambient Ascent is a complex project with a simple usage. To support the user we created the unique engagement process. Each step was carefully designed to connect the object with the owner.
The Final Result

The Form Language
The distinctive silhouette of the objects visually differs from the classical type. However it matches the modern perception of the crockery. 
The user has three sizes to choose from. Their volume is similar to common mugs (espresso, coffee & tea), this however, remains the only common point with them.
Plane set with no color. Test Render.

The large surface of the handle deprived cups invites to huddle your hands against the warm smooth slightly curved surface. Progressively increased wall thickness towards the bottom relocates the majority of the weight towards the ground. This decreases the risk of spilling the drink. Thicker walls help to keep the temperature and prevent instantly burning hands when hot liquid gets poured

The base, holding the smart-phone features a specific design approach. Below the smart-phone-opening, two rubber pieces serve as a stand for it. Keeping it at an angle between (80-60 degrees), necessary for the camera-color detection to work efficiently. 
The slit itself measures 15mm x 90mm, allowing to accommodate a large variety of smart-phones including their protective cases.

The UI-Development
The customisation is the most important step of the user's journey. It is the first interaction with the future product and the first emotional bounding. This process has to be easy and engaging. By that reason all dysfunctional elements were removed. The result is astonishing simply interface.  

Last Thing
This project was created as part of an interaction course at the University of Applied Sciences - HTW Berlin. 
It was a collaboration course between industrial design and communication design students.

Participants: Yulia Aster, Jiajia Ding, Clara Philippzig, Jacob „Nico“ Schuberth & Florian Uszmant
Supervisors: Prof. Pelin Celick, Romin Heide, Prof. Alexander Müller-Rakow
Additional help: Fabian Burghardt (consulting on AR)

Thank You 
The Ambient Ascent

The Ambient Ascent

This project was created as part of an interaction course at the University of Applied Sciences - HTW Berlin. It was a collaboration course betw Read More