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    A set of 12 icons for the North Somerset NHS Clinical Commissioning Group website.
The aim for this project was to create a set of 12 icons for the North Somerset NHS Clinical Commissioning Group website. After lots of research I decided to focus my icons on different forms of navigation, as it said on the brief they wanted icons to help people "navigate" around the website. Even though it has nothing to do with healthcare I thought navigation was an interesting place to start.
From the idea of navigation I looked into constellations which was the first real way people could determine where abouts they were. 
My first attempt at the icons. I realised that there was no reason to keep them in seperated in squares, if they were seperated they would need to be in ciircles to represent the stars in the sky. 
Different colour variations above and below
The feedback from the judges was really good and thankfully my icons were shortlisted which meant I had to re-present improved icons a couple of weeks later, the designs below are my improved icons.
After getting feedback on my icons I decided to change a couple of them, I also got rid of the text within each individual icon because I thought the room was being wasted, why not use the space just for the icons? My thought was that instead of wasting space within each icon you would scroll over it on the website and it would expand with the information underneath it. 
I tried to focus more on colours of nebulas and galxies compared to my first few colouful designs.