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    This is a personal piece I created last year- Have finally decided to upload it. May 2012
I met him standing in line waiting for pizza. 
It was love at first conversation.
He complimented me on my sneakers, and we started talking.
We had many things in common, but he was going on tour the day after.
The next day we went for coffee, and had a nice time. I couldn't believe he was leaving.
We kept in touch while he was gone.
We started dating, and soon after fell for each other. Once again, he was going on tour, this time for 5 months.
This is what I sent in his care package as a surprise.
This is where we met standing in line.
Our conversation lasted a while, since it was a 40min wait. 
I wore the shoes he had liked as well as a shirt we had picked out together before he deployed.
We were somewhat opposites in clothing styles, his favorite being gray, and mine neon. - the shirt is stripped in both.
He had bear like characteristics that I loved to tease him about, especially since he would say that he didn't- hence the paw.