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    A three panel digital print for the Umbrella Medical Systems company in Kansas City.
I was recently contracted by the Umbrella Medical Systems company, no not the Umbrella Crop you all know from the movies. This company loved that Umbrella Corp style so much they wanted to use the same colors and theme for piece to hang in their office.
I started with the logo and built around from there with icons based on medical database analysis. The company is basically the future in data storage for medical records. In with the digital age of health care and out with the old analog style.
I designed these three panels in Adobe Illustrator and had canvas inkjet prints made. The final product was 3, 36" squared canvases on stretchers that hang against brick in their office. I don't have an image of that yet but below are the digital renderings and some detail shots of the tests wraps i did along with the proof shots of the larger pieces in my lab.