Mano Pizza
Mano Pizza is a small Norwegian pizza restaurant chain producing Neapolitan pizza al metro (by the meter). Just like in Italy, the dough is hand stretched and grilled in a gas oven. Mano means hand and the design concept is based on the story – and now meme – of the "Italian hand", the mano a borsa gesture often used for emphasis, and situations it might be used.

By selling the pizzas square and by the metre (and offering boxes at 12.5, 25, 50 and 100 cm), Mano ensures maximum utilization of space in their pink boxes. As Norway has a recycling system for paper and cardboard, the material lends itself to be used many times as a circular product.
Design Agency: Goods Oslo
Brand: Mano Pizza

Illustration: Samuel Nyholm
Rendering: Maxim Kadashov
Mano Pizza