The Digital Decade
Arseny Vesnin (Designcollector), Romain Colin (Fubiz), Rob Ford (FWA), Dmitry Karpov (BHSAD), Ola Omami, Sara Blake, Elena Flanagan-Eister (Depositphotos) and Hector Ayuso (OFFF)
To celebrate 10th year online Designcollector Network came up with idea to share the pages of the upcoming print DCMAG n°03 with designers selected by jury. The best 3 works will get high prizes and 15 works will be exhibited at OFFF 2013 in Barcelona, June 6-8
Together with our partner OFFF Festival and sponsor DepositPhotos, we started a Graphic Design competition called "The Digital Decade". The idea is simple: artists are invited to use images from Depositphotos to produce graphic works of art related to the topic “the Digital Decade.” 
1st Place - Vladimir Tomin
2nd Place - Xavier Bourdil
3rd Place - DINES
Special Depositphotos Prize - Zakharia Mesropov
15 Winners go to OFFF2013!
3 winners get iPad and Wacoms, 1 special get Depositphoto Subscription and 15 posters go to OFFF2013
All Artist Featured (A-Z)
Alex Frukta
Alexander Egger
Andaur Sebastian
Veronica Azaryan
Markus Baier
Sorin Bechira
Sarah France
Giga Kobidze
Igor Scekic
John Mark Herskind
Lukasz Kulakowski
Noelia Lozano
Nicolas Monin-Baroille
Alexander Platonov
Calligraphy by Pokras Lampas. Photo and retouch by Dimitry Oleynichenko
Fill Ryabchikov
Sergey Skip
Stas Ostrikov
Zakharia Mesropov
Xavier Bourdil
Wojciech Zalot
Daniil Vyatkin
Vladimir Tomin
Tomas Toleikis
The Digital Decade

The Digital Decade

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