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    The first in the Music Series of works for 2010-2011. The lyric is from Girls Like Mystery from the Cribs.
'I never wanna be desired'
from Girls Like Mystery by the Cribs.
I listen to the Cribs almost whenever I decide to put on some music, whether I'm a home, at work or travelling somewhere. Their appeal never fades for me because I love their interesting lyrics, their wit and their sound. They have joined the short list of my favourite bands and I feel lucky I was able to see them live. So it was natural to include them in The Music Series: a new series of work I am creating based on music that has touched me in some way; whether it's made me laugh, spoken to me personally about my life or made me reflect in a way I didn't know music could. Girls Like Mystery is a song I played on repeat constantly when I first heard it - it was lively, funny and made me smile. Lyrically, it's not the best the Cribs have to offer but the song has always been a favourite.