An innovative packaged water branding & packaging
Bottled water is the single largest growth area among all beverages and alarmingly, the recycling rate forplastic water bottles is very low (it’s estimated only 12 percent of “custom”plastic bottles are recycled). The solution? Well Water - environmentally-conscious "packaged water" housed in the Tetra Pak, which is biodegradable, lightweight, durable and collapsible. 
Why "WELL"?
The word "Well" evokes the ideas of "Good for your health" and the crisp, cold, tasty and fresh water from a classic country well. And the life-giving action of creating a well and fresh water springing right from the earth. This product is targeted for people who want a water from the Earth and good for the Earth. 
The Logo
The Well Water logo implies refreshing, pure water through use of color and imagery. The letters of "well" are a visual representation of an underground aquifer with fresh water purified by layers of colorful soil. The upside-down water droplets stand as a contradiction to the typically "raining-down" droplets of so many bottled beverage brands and appear to rise from the underground aquifer - an uplifting element. A smooth line separating the "soil layers" implies tranquility and health. 
The Packaging
The Well Water packaging is based on packaging used primarily by wine manufacturers, called a Tetra Pak. 75% of the Tetra Pak is made from paper and it is 100% recyclable - forget plastic bottles that stay in landfills forever! The graphically simple package design reinforces the unique shape of the Tetra Pak and carries through the logo's concept.

"well water. cold. refreshing.  ...we left you the minerals that help make that unmistakable Well Water taste - calcium, potassium, magnesium, yum!"