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    Design direction of style guides for Doctor Who.
I was the lead product developer on "Doctor Who" for BBC Worldwide for over 3 years.

At the start of 2010 the character "regenerated" and along with a new actor playing the title role, the whole look of the brand changed. We began working on the rebrand 9 months before the new series aired in March 2010.
Following our first style guide I helped develop two further guides for the new series. For the last of these, I suggested the use of Graphic Novel effects, such as "Kirby Dots" to enhance the imagery and create a dynamic guide full of vibrant designs. 
Along with the recent episodes, I was also responsible for design direction on the style guide for the "Classic" era of "Doctor Who" (1963-1996). We had to create a product direction that would sit with existing merchandise and also not be reliant on the "current" series logo. We chose the logo that had the longest association with the previous Doctors, and the guide was given a more adult feel with darker colours and clean lines.