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UX/UI - Intern UX project
Job seeking UX project
The debut project of my UX portfolio. (name pending) is an end-to-end project which I completed during my 5 week internship at Sutherland Labs.

(name pending) aims to break down the barrier for a lack of human connection during the job seeking and employee hiring process by creating a product that uses video applications from both parties during the initial stages of the recruitment process. 

The app offer jobs seekers the opportunity to showcase their personality, which is not possible through CV's and cover letters, and for employers to offer an insight into the work environment and what their teams are like.

I decided to focus my project on job seeking as this was an area I have already invested a lot of time into since graduating, and I would also have access to a lot of potential participants within my personal network for research and prototype testing.
"How might we make applying for jobs more personal?"
Every great design should aim to solve a problem and improve the quality of life for its users. The idea for (name pending) was born from this simple statement.

The process
The process started by creating an online survey to be sent out to my wider network.

The findings from the surveys were then used to formulate the questions that would later be asked in 5 sets of 1-1 interviews.

The focus of these interviews was to speak with different people who either recently or currently had been searching for a job and the frustrations they faced while searching for and applying to jobs online.
From the research, three user personas and a user journey map were created which reflected my findings of the quantitative surveys and qualitative interviews and gave me focus moving forward.
Findings used in the journey map were then rearranged to create an affinity map to help identify groups and themes within the data.
Through the research and findings three key opportunities were explored.

1. To shift away from the traditional form of applying with a CV and cover letter  and digitalise it to essentially create a ‘Video CV’.

2. To develop a way in which users can track applications through multiple platforms.

3. To create a platform in which both employers and applicants can create profiles and allows for a two-way search process.

The research concluded that the main problem applicants faced while searching for jobs, particularly recent graduates or those with little to no experience, was that the current standard of recruitment is often very impersonal.

It is not until the later stages of interviewing, after much time has been invested from both parties, that either party realise their personalities are not fit for one another. In cases like these, a solution could be to showcase the personality of the employer and applicant from the initial stage of the process.

To solve the design problem and make the application process feel more personal, I decided to pursue the idea of creating a job board app which uses video applications.

I began to explore an app idea that provided a job board for users to sign up and be able to browse jobs relating to their interest.

Upon finding a position they are interested in, they would be prompted to watch a video set up by the employer which showcases the team and work environment as well as finishing by asking a few short questions for the applicants to answer in their responses.

The intention would be for the answers to provide enough information for the employers to judge whether the applicants personality would be a good fit for the company, and leave more technical questions to later interview stages.
An initial low fidelity wireframe was drawn up to highlight the user flow from initial sign up to applying for their first role through the app as an MVP.
The low fidelity wireframe was then put together using sketch and went through rounds of iterations before reaching its final form featured below.

Prototyping & Testing
From the wireframes designed in Sketch, I put together a clickable prototype using InVision to test another five separate 1-1 interviews with the intended target audience which helped to gain valuable insights and further tweak the designs accordingly.

Insights gathered
"It would be nicer if you only had to answer one question at a time, and could take a break in between."

"Somewhere you can have an area to practice and record your own elevator pitch, with prompts and tips for what to say."

"Once you’ve recorded a pitch you're happy with that can be the one you send along with every application and then record additional videos to answer each question."

"Feature a tutorial where you have a lesson on how to do a certain type of answer, and then you get to try it, without the pressure of sending it to an employer first."

Future opportunities
Due to time constraints of the internship I was only able to explore the use of this app from the perspective of the employee. If I were to expand on this concept in the future I would develop and design the process from the perspective of employers looking to hire.

As a final remark, I would like to add that this project would not have been possible without the guidance of my highly skilled mentor Simon Wood, and the rest of the Sutherland Labs design teams input and opinions throughout every stage of this project.

Simon Wood - Senior UX designer:
Sonja Kozik - UX designer
UX/UI - Intern UX project

UX/UI - Intern UX project