This Is™ Humility 2019 (2/2: Packaging)
This Is™ Humility 2019 Re-Extension
This Is Humility™ (Part 2/2: Packaging Sample[s])

This Is a wholefoods brand, without the "brand". Sans infomercials and visual egoism.
In this Part Two of 2019 Re-Extension, a plethora of packaging mockup designs are hereby presented.

Pickled Olives & Flaxseed 

In the back of many products hypothesises a listing of pragmatic recommendations, subject to changes and scientific clarity revisions - on how to best prepare, handle and consume the product/s.

The inclusion of these citations / references are to encourage lay public's acquaintances with many of nuanced realms of Nutritional Science, assert critical-thinking, and deliver solicited and informed - decision-making. This Is™ Humility foresees itself as transparently neutral advocacy of nutrition. Neither for or against Veganism and Carnivorism.

Star Health Rating System have no place here, at all. "Good" or "Bad" considerations - are both presented to the table. Food remains "food". How each "differs", should not be coloured by "marketing" or tug-of-war Scientific Correctness Hierarchy aka, "epidemiology". 

"Good" or "Bad" largely remains at the mercy to individualised biological and sociological - Contexts and Interpretations.  Altogether bound together as Self-Authenticity. As hypothetical concept branding - This Is™ lets its viewers decide to contain for themselves - Self-Authenticity in all receptions of competing objectivism. An individualised stance towards Nutritional Science that very few, if any likewise real life branding/s exist on the shelfs today.
Scan QR Product Code feature / Concept subscription "My Humility™"

Within Food industry of Australia alone - there were over 100 product recalls in the year 2018; an increase from 69 comparatively from 2017 (FSANZ, 2019). With population increases and pressure of consumer information transparency demands; an up to date and cost effective means at presenting information updates has never been more critical. 

Hence as hypothetical concept - in the back of every This Is™ product features a "Scan QR Code for updates" to conveniently inform consumers of any minor and/or critical updates. Upon scanning the QR Code takes the consumer to a website database; presenting all critical product addendum/s, and recall notices; in addition to official labelling information.

At its concept, hypothetical visual stage - presented here are the proposed UI's. Visitors can learn more about the product as well as current climate on the use of additives which may or may not pose nutritional concerns. With (again as hypothesized) My Humility™ account subscription - enthusiasts are endowed with automatic updates the minute any update to ingredient profiles have been officially submitted. They are also granted to provide feedbacks and comments on consumables. 
Carton of eggs

The quality of eggs themselves are mostly inspired by the enriched-cage protocol.  An agri/livestock-colonisation methodology widely adopted in Europe; envisaged to replace all prior battery caged-egg living conditions and to improve treatments of all chickens and hens.

Once again, citation URLs are included. If they are too long to be fit onto the printable space, additional scannable QR codes are provided.

Beef mince

The packaging is inspired by the need to reduce reliance on plastic utilisation. Similarly to that of our minced-sausage/polony packaging. The only expense noteworthy here is to somehow allow the small viewing "window"; to quickly ascertain the conditions of the meat product at-a-visual glance. 

The influence of wrapped packaging claims to reduce plastic reliance by as much as 82%; meanwhile increasing product life of the beef (or any meats it is housed) against unintended oxidations since it is much less exposed to light; throughout its distribution and delivery.
Canned product/s (small and large)

The packaging is conventionally all aluminium based cans. Purportedly the current standard of recyclable material over plastics and glass. Once again, all other consumer-relative informations are provided. From catch, fisheries method, their batch numbering alongside the citations and references; as proof for scientific authenticity.  
The previous Cinema 4D® mock up renders; with minor updates and above features in place.
The End of part 2 of 2
Thank You

This project and branding initiative; whilst remaining conceptual work of fiction (except the Book / Manuscript); nevertheless carries certain degrees of truth upon addressing many great concerns of our turbulent, pedestrian living. Be it allures of over-advertising, over-marketing, or over-subscription/s towards supremacies, totalitarianism / authoritarianism and institutionalisation.

This Branding initiative was created in hopeful alleviation to the Author's (AW™ / increasingly difficult and stratified livelihood; amidst contexts of Structural Violence and/or Structural Impositions.

This Project or Branding initiative nevertheless carries some sensitive disclaimer. The Author, and Designer (AW™ /  has had no prior extended accreditations within fields of Functional Medicine, Metabolic Physiology, Biochemistry or extended fields of Nutrition. Hence, all readers are to take every diligence at researching further at their own ends. Nothing herein This Project / Branding initiative is deemed prescriptive. Nor does it constitute as "solicited advices" over any existing institutional or terminal supervisions. This Project  / Branding Initiative only implores further independence of experiences, explorations and scientific authenticity(s); all within the merciful initiation of curiosity and resiliences of its readers and viewers.

I remain grateful if anyone shall witness my manuscript (This Is™ Humility Through Frugality) in their full entirety. 



Previous product packaging (2017) manually modelled with Maxon® Cinema 4D,
With highly-customised / modified Photoshop mockups. Concept visual Web UI with Adobe® XD. 
This Is™ Humility 2019 (2/2: Packaging)

This Is™ Humility 2019 (2/2: Packaging)

A nutritional accessibility / budget foods parent branding "This Is™ Humility". Circa. 2013. 2019 feature re-extension presentation. Part 2/2 : P Read More


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