We use to say in Italy: "Meglio i cani dei cristiani"
                                 "Dogs are better than Christians"
Since I perfectly agree with that I decided to start taking pics of dogs in various places and situations.
Dogs have their languages, they sound a bit different from ours, but they know and will always help you with additonal explainations, just to make sure you got the message.
Their expressiveness is definitley impressive and should be taken as a good example for our lives.
They're capable of all sort of well known feeling such as love, anger, fear, boredom, impatience but, especially, they're funny as hell.
The set you're going to watch below represents stray and "home" dogs and will be growing up.
Stray dog (at the restaurant)
Stray dogs (small group)
Stray dogs (parting ways)
Stray dog (very friendly) and me
Stray dog (doubtfully looking at me, because it was raining)
Cookie (the friendly stray dog)
Ugo (making crop circles)
Tobia (gluttony)
Tobia (wrath)
Tobia (lust)
Ugo (discussing)
Stray dog
Stray dog (on a soft bed)
Stray dog (puppy)
Stray dogs
Jazz (observing)
Jazz (resting)
Jazz (mimetism)
Unknown dog 
Unknown dog with old man
Jekyll & Fedez
Jekyll & Fedez
Fedez "The dirty" (no more stray) Dog
Yann & Ugo in a Roman park