SOPHIE - Stylish, sexy, sophisticated!
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    SOPHIE veneer lamp its shade and base are formed from flexible veneer
Wood veneer lamp SOPHIE- Stylish, sexy, sophisticated!
Classic shape, traditional craftsmanship and innovative use of materials: SOPHIE is a shining example of lasfera’s holistic approach to product design. The shade and foot are formed from flexible veneer. The special feature: The veneer is made from tdifferent layers - the outer layers from different natural woods that have been stripped using traditional methods, and an inner layer. There is a selection of natural woods available for the veneer layers, such as maple or walnut. The inner layer ensures that the veneer layers are flexible and do not tear or break despite bending. As with a reversible coat, both sides of the veneer can be used as the outside - the button mechanism developed by lasfera enables easy opening and closing. Thus, the buttons fulfil an important function - and at the same time, they form an attractive design feature: the perfect harmony of style and function. Naturally, the buttons are made in Germany, like all the components of the lamp.  Economic use of material and individual design possibilities make SOPHIE a truly sustainable lamp - with the potential of becoming a classic.