To celebrate our 7th birthday as a studio, we organized a party and an interactive experience around the theme of Prediction — to foresee what we should expect in the upcoming 7 years for our industry.

Tarot-o-bot is an online experience that can predict your digital future. 
At the touch of a button, users can trigger the draw of three different illustrated special Tarots. Tarot-o-bot reads the data beyond the three Sacred Cards and generates a special and ironic prediction over design, art, tech and creative life. Try your fortune here (!

We celebrated with a big party and for the occasion we converted our tarots and animations in a huge videomapping on the wall!

Creative Direction: Ilenia Notarangelo
Copywriting: Luca Gonnelli, Ilenia Notarangelo, Ani Karamanuyan, Giovanna Crise

Design: Ilenia Notarangelo, Cristina Pasquale
Web Development: Nima Farzaneh
Illustration: Arianna Cristiano, Sofia Buti
Animation: Laurentiu Lunic, Matteo Ruffinengo, David Cubitt
Sound Design: Carla Gioia




To celebrate our 7th birthday as a studio, we've created our tarot deck and design an interactive tarot-reader to help us predict the future of t Read More