Ajanta Toothbrush / Cgi

We were approached by Enormous Brands, Mumbai, for a very interesting brief for Ajanta toothbrush where the job involved 2 posters where we had to create a pig sty and a goat pen shaped like a row of teeth completely in CGI and nestled in these spaces are pigs and piglets and goats comfortably making it their home.

The job was extremely challenging as we had not done character work for a while and also involved creating realistic landscape all in CGI. The idea was fun to work on and we were given lot of freedom to explore poses and looks for the visuals.

The project recently got shortlisted in the craft category at Kyoorius, 2019 and we hope to be given an opportunity on more such work in future.

Client _ Ajanta
Agency _Enormous Brands
Production Coordinator _ Krishna Maheshwari
CGI Lead _ Kalpesh Patil
Modeling & Texturing _ Samar Sonone
Fur & grass simulation, Shading & Lighting_ Kalpesh Patil &  Mithun Tailor
Post Production _ Amar Kakad &  Kalpesh Patil


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Ajanta Toothbrush / Cgi