Alive | Time, Motion and Communication 
This project focused on the exploration of application development and design in response to user feedback, data streaming, and shared content.
Alive is a lifestyle application functioning as a social guide through the nightlife. Users can find the best places to do what they love most using their current location. With a specific focus on personalization, Alive breaks down a user’s interest and tastes for a personalized search experience; even providing three layouts to choose from when using the app. We imagine the ultimate GPS navigation to display the various views of the map, where users can see their friends and other Alive users current location to find the hottest spots or just simply locate their next destination. To help users feel even more alive, there is a rating and review system to help choose the best places and grab the best deals for favorite activities.
This is a collaborative project with Sara Toftegaard, Reno McDonald, and Kamaria Penn.
Designed by Sara Toftegaard. Collaboration including information, thought process
and images with Kamaria & Reno. 
The website for Alive, is designed as a parallax
Designed by Kamaria Penn
Designed by Kamaria Penn & Reno McDonald