sonhar acordado | dreaming awake

A Photographer a Muse a Dancer and Life. Is it real?

Denial of reality? Fantasy? Different perception? Creativity? Openness? Catharses?

What is to be awake?
Is time our God? Can we control it? Is there a purpose? Shouldn't Love, as an art form, be our God?
Where are we heading to?

Dancer - Cláudia Andrade

Man - HAC
Woman - SP

Support - Cecília Barros

Photography and Video - Hugo Alexandre Cruz

Music - Lee Negin -
Director - Hugo Alexandre Cruz -
Music Copyright 2011, Lee Negin/Passing Phase Music (BMI). All Rights Reserved.

Video Copyright 2011, Hugo Alexandre Cruz/HUGOCRUZ|PHOTO&VIDEO. All Rights Reserved.
The Backyard

Over the last rainy afternoon weekends I've decided to capture some of the beauty in details of my backyard. Living right at the centre of a cosmopolitan capital city, Lisbon, there are still some elements of old architecture together with amazing sounds of nature and fauna.

The blackbird - I haven't really gave it a name maybe for total respect on it's freedom wanting not to interfere - sings beautifully almost everyday around 5 o'clock in the morning and again when it's sun setting.

Dick is another of the characters in this lively backyard. Starting to be old age it's an amazing friend and watch guard dog, sometimes a little too soft!

June the most accurate observer of the backyard and great friend had to be present. I wish I could tell the story trough it's eyes, understand all the excitement and fears and captured it with all dynamic and instincts.

Instead I've tried to make it a little more poetic using the visual narrative and ambience sounds to show you The Backyard.
Do lado errado da noite
| From the wrong side of the night

História sobre segundas oportunidades.
"Amélia" decide abandonar a vila onde nasceu, no interior desertificado de Portugal para procurar um futuro melhor.
Chega à grande cidade, Lisboa e encontra "Tony", um fora da lei que a introduz ao lado errado da noite.
Dez anos depois de ter chegado a Lisboa, conheçe "Palma" e juntos libertam-se "Do lado errado da noite"

Story about second chances in life.
"Amélia" decide to leave the place where she has born, in the desertified Portugal interior region, to look for a better future in life.
When she arrives to the capital city, Lisbon, she's found by "Tony", an outlaw thta introcues her to the wrong side of the night.
Ten years after arriving to Lisbon, she meets "Palma" and togheter they release them selves "From the wrong side of the night"