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VERGE  \ Wireless Charging Concept
Designed by: Jervenne Teo & Shawn Ng
With many products turning to wireless charging, we realised that there has yet to be chargers designed to create a truly seamless wireless charging experience

Furthermore, we realised that we have a common habit of leaving our chargers plugged in and switched on for the convenience of our next charge. Unknown to many, this actually continually consumes energy and power, causing unnecessary wastage.

We thus asked ourselves this question:
​​​​​​​How might we facilitate a grab-and-go wireless charging experience while ensuring energy optimisation?​​​​​​​
Our sketches and prototypes were based on creating a fresh interaction between our devices and wireless chargers.

Grab'n Go

Inspired by our habit for wanting efficiency and convenience, quick grab-and-go and subtle movements were incorporated to indicate the product in use.

VERGE’s tilt comes from the incorporation of a tilt switch within its body. With this switch, power is only fully transmitted when the device is tilted and in use, resulting in no energy consumption even if the plug is switched on.

VERGE consists of: 

a magnetic sticker that attaches to the back of your phone,
a wireless portable power bank,
a wireless charging dock that automatically switches off power.
v e r g e