Location | New York, NY
Area | 106200 sq ft
Architect | Veronika Supruniuk
Client | Urban Habitat Competition, "Timber in the City"
Year |  2019
The main goal is to develop a project of innovative sustainable international public space with residential function in Queens, New York.
This abbreviation is a combination of words and it reflects my idea - new version, view, vegetation, Vernon,​​​​​​​ which generally means new version and view for Vernon with vegetation.
The construction site was chosen the territory of the former New York architectural terracotta factory in 1892.
Functional zoning of the territory.
As you can see, there are no objects of attraction in this territory, including objects of prime necessity.
The area has good transport infrastructure.​​​​​​​
With this project, I propose to rethink the free section of the embankment and focus on creating a sustainable and comfortable living environment.
Let's start with site A. One of the conditions for the issuance of the LEED certificate should be a dense built-up area of the territory and the possibility of re-use of the abandoned land. After analyzing all the sites in the area, I came to the conclusion that they all converge to a rectangular shape with a patio and a pointed angle.
I divided the site into functional blocks, which consist of: a residential block, a pre-uk children's center, an auditorium with a capacity of 300 people, an organic market, including an automatic parking and a family pool.
All forms comply with the principles of multi-comfort.
The interior of the smallest module (33.8 m2)
There are several module options. These are standard modules that require a balcony and a green area. Everyone decides that they need a balcony or extra space.
The first sailors landed on this territory, therefore now this project symbolizes a big ship.
- performed calculation of insolation for the most unfavorable orientation of the module.
Neighborhood is the main component of a comfortable and sustainable LEED environment. Terraces (from the inside of the courtyard) are freely available for residents of the house on each floor. Such terraces unite all residents together.
According to the task, it was necessary to come up with a separate entrance for residents, so such a cozy courtyard was formed for them. The entrances rise like the bow of a ship. Including the first floor – a shopping area where there is everything you need.
Triangular modules - their shape doesn't prevent the passage of light in the apartment. This includes mini-gardens in your home and protection from noise, including a natural cleaner of polluted air.
Separate entry to the organic market.
As you can see in this area, there is only one bicycle parking and it is always empty, there are no free bikes.
Therefore, I created 5 more additional rental locations.
Since this is the first place for sailors, let’s imagine that this person raises his first stone in this place. This gives rise to a cube shape for the entrance group and automatic parking. So from the side of Vernon Street, the building takes on a historical view.
New York has problems with storm sewers.
I provided for the collection of rainwater.
The tank is located under the parking; during flooding, the protection of storm sewers is triggered - the principle of cork in a bottle or the law of Archimedes.

Due to the collection of rainwater, greenhouses are irrigated, including used for recycling. Greenhouses serve as an alternative place of work for the elderly and not only residents and this people selling products in their own market for organic products.
Let's move on to territory B. Under the bridge.
This area is used for a family type pool.
A basketball court is located under the bridge. By the way, the project used the work of a famous artist in New York - Madsteez.
After analyzing the usual pine cones I came to the conclusion that they can serve as a natural harbinger of weather. When humidity they are closed, and when dry – open.
Territory C. This is a park and promenade.
I propose to create these lilies, consisting of modules on which are located the capsule for the accumulation of water.
Wooden towers (observation platforms) are like trees - a symbol of the beginning, the new life of the territory.
Territory D. Flood Protection Zone.
Warm air comes out through this atrium the cold air goes down and the house begins to "breathe".
Acoustics is provided by the materials of the Isover.
Separate entrance both in the lobby of the auditorium and the children's center, and the entrance to the lower level in the courtyard.
Thank you for attention!!!


Neighborhood is the main component of a comfortable and sustainable LEED environment. 4V - This abbreviation is a combination of words and it ref Read More