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Medieval Kingdom is an art pack that features hundreds of fully customizable models to create your own RPG or RTS Game with either First Person or Top-Down views. Modularity enables to randomize each building, map, and element to create a custom look.

The Water System

The shots below show our custom-made water system, created with the use of the Unity3D game engine, specifically for this project. The goal was to achieve stylized look using only one material. We aimed for juicy and vibrant colors, as well as tiny but also important details, such as stylized waves, caustics, depth, foam, etc. 

The City

Good level design was always our priority and this level is proof of that. We sat down and carefully thought about how would inhabitants of such a town live - would they need a market, how wide should the roads be, how high should the building be, what about walls or other structures that would protect them from potential invaders? We wanted to achieve a feeling of a town that would attract people, that would make them want to live in it.

Particle System

We believe that particles simulation is a must in every 3D game. We've added particle volumes key points in places like the cave and the temple. Creating a unique feeling of some kind of energy field that vibrates around those locations.


In Medieval Kingdom, we've spent quite a lot of time to achieve good lighting results. One of the features that we really wanted to include was a well-performing evening lighting. We paid attention to moon phases, local lights and global ambient light. After a lot of tweaking in the Unity3D engine, we started to see just the right tones & contrast.


For smaller parts, such as rocks, the magic stone, wood & vegetation, we used more organic approach utilizing Zbrush for 3D sculpting. We love this software, it gave us a lot of freedom regarding the silhouette, style, and detail resolution.


We really like those parts of the maps that we could steer in the direction of a darker, more mysterious atmosphere. Mist, higher color contrast and swampy environment made them look more dramatic and interesting.

Architecture Design

Every house was built using one of the modular elements. Our design team took a lot of effort crafting appealing and functional buildings. We wanted to create different architectural structures, such as a wizard house, a forge, an alchemist's workshop, knight's quarters, etc.


For Medieval Kingdom we used what is called a modular workflow. Every element was created in a way that allows the creator - or anybody else, for that matter - to easily build different variations and configurations of that element. We ended up with a tool that really allows you to quickly & without much fuss build many unique looking houses and structures, a whole city in fact!


All that we packed into one easy-to-use package that comes with 20 Example Scenes, 20 Custom Material Shaders (Including LRP), the state-of-art Water Shader, hundreds of High-Poly Models with 3 steps of Level of Detail, Light Shaft Shader, 4k Textures, Color Grading Profiles and much more.


One of the coolest parts of this kind of project is the way you create it. Besides art - which plays a huge role for us - we have spent a lot of time working on tools, shaders & scripts which allow customers to play with every element in real-time. As you can see below, thanks to them you can easily achieve your own unique look of whatever you decide to build.

Concept Art

Early in the production, we sketched out the basics of what we wanted to achieve regarding the visual language, establishing what the overarching visual story of the art package would be. During that stage, our concept artist produced a style guide and mood paintings and we were iterating them until we finally agreed that this is the vision we want to follow.




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