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    ONEQ pinup /model:Nourah
ONEQ pinup model:Nourah/Oriental Belly Dancer

Since 2005, Nourah has joined the Turkish band BabaZula for their annual overseas tour regularly. As the main dancer, she has performed in over fifteen countries and 100 concerts. Nourah has also appeared in many media including newspapers, TV programs, and videos. In 2011 , 2012 ,she was invited to serve as an instructor and dancer at the International Belly Dance Festivals in Turkey,also she is scheduled to be invited 2013, and her work continues to expand globally.
Since 2002, she has been a member of the Japanese dance ensemble "Samanyolu," performing at major events such as Fuji Rock and the Tokyo Girl's Collection. As a soloist, she regularly performs at ethnic restaurants and many events. She is also the head instructor at Devadasi Studio in Omotesando Japan.

国内では2002年よりSamanyoluのメンバーとして、フジロック、東京ガールズコレクションなどに出演。ソロとしてもエスニックレストランでのレギュラーショーの他、数多くのイベントに出演中。また自らもトゥループを率いて企画・演出 を行う。Nereides、Sanat Evi、JYOTI、Misket、Bir Sana Bir Banaなど。表参道Devadasiスタジオでは所属・代表講師を務める。